Step Into The World With The Confidence Of An Sutd Degree


Technology is taking over all aspects of our life, Medicine, business, day-to-day living, and education. Having an engineering degree in one of the most reputed colleges is a dream come true. According to MIT, Singapore University of Technology and Design or SUTD, it is one of the topmost colleges and an upcoming engineering education leader. So getting a sutd degree can be considered as a stepping stone for a bright and successful future.

What programs are available in SUTD

  • Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD)
  • Design and Artificial Intelligence (DAI)
  • Engineering Product Development (EPD)
  • Engineering Systems and Design (ESD)
  • Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD)
  • And other Special Programmes

You can get detailed information about all the programs on their official website.

What does SUTD look for in a prospective student?

The SUTD looks for students who have an active learning approach; the college looks for the following attributes in a student:

  • The student should be able to do well in teams
  • The students who find a different approach
  • Who don’t feel afraid to question
  • Who doesn’t deter when faced with a difficult situation
  • And who can do academically well

The college will look into the applications in a very comprehensive manner. Your academic, as well as personal attributes, are considered. Your academic scores of 2-3 years will also be considered. So before applying, make sure that all your levels are cleared and you have an excellent track record. SAT exams may also help you build up your score.

Apply today

Getting into SUTD is not an easy job. Several competent students are vying for a seat at Singapore University of Technology and Design or SUTD. So don’t lag, apply today, and be the first online.

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