Mock Tests & Online Test Series for RRB NTPC 2022


The Railway Recruitment Board holds various recruitment examinations, many of which are popular throughout the country. Every year, numerous students appear for these exams. It is quite competitive in nature and therefore preparation is key. You need to make sure that you practice for the exam you are appearing for. The Railway Recruitment Board also conducts NTPC – Non-Technical Popular Categories examinations.

These exams are held to cover the following positions:

  • Junior clerk/typist
  • Accounts clerk / typist
  • Junior timekeeper
  • Traffic assistant
  • Senior timekeeper
  • Commercial apprentice

These are just a few of the many positions that we have listed. Preparing for any of these exams is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and determination. But, with the help of an NTPC mock test, you can get a fair idea of what you can expect during the exam. Moreover, you would be better prepared with the help of these mock tests.

Are you wondering why you should practice these mock tests? Here are some reasons you should invest your time into preparing for the test:

  1. You get an idea of what to expect on the day of the test. Furthermore, that will only make you better prepared and answer every question that is asked.
  2. The NTPC online test covers all forms of questions to enable you to understand what to expect. So, the more you practice the better it is for you in the long run.
  3. Your confidence is automatically boosted when you prepare well. On the day of the exam, a student goes through many challenges that can trigger their concentration. Anxiety and stress can make a student panic and that is the last thing you would want. So, practicing in advance will make you better prepared.
  4. Mock tests are designed keeping in mind the latest syllabus. So, in case you do not know what types of topics will be covered, with the help of the latest mock tests you can get a fair idea of what to expect.
  5. Sometimes, you may think that you are prepared for an exam but get caught off guard when an unfamiliar question is directed to you. To avoid such instances, practicing mock tests can very well keep you from experiencing any surprise questions.

Mock tests have been designed to aid students to excel in their exams. Every year students all over the country appear for these NTPC exams, which only makes it difficult for people to get a good score. Because the competition is high, preparing in advance and preparing well becomes important. You need to ensure that you cover all question types in your syllabus to not fall behind.

Dedicate a couple of hours of your time towards your dream of securing a job with the Railways Recruitment Board and you will excel in your career. Do not let the opportunity pass and give it your all in the first attempt itself.

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