Know Everything Before Choosing Classical Education


Many of the parents today are aware of the flaws of the current educational system and we are all tired looking for and waiting for a change. One simple alternative that is within our reach is to home school our children. We can also choose the Classical Education model which has a meaningful and sustainable curriculum of schooling.

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Some known benefits of Classical Education

Through all these days and years of learning and improvising education, we have all done our research and we all have our opinions. Most of us would be of the opinion that there is nothing new that is needed in our educational system because it only makes learning more scattered and non-systematic.

Thus, this section just neatly sums up some of the benefits that we all know that classical education already contains in it.

  • Students learn more systematically
  • Education is for knowledge rather than for tests and grades.
  • Promotes logical and analytical thinking.
  • Self-expression after the initial stages of learning is promoted
  • The curriculum can be more meaningful and focused rather than being scattered.

Stages of Classical Education

The Classical education is manifested in a three-stage process and that is often called as the Trivium. The three stages are.

  1. The Grammar stage which involves learning of facts
  2. The Logic stage where the child learns and develops analytical skills
  3. The Rhetoric stage where the child learns to form opinions and express the same.

However, there is a very important point to be considered before opting for Classical Education. This system is entirely based on verbal learning in contrast with the pictorial or the visual learning models that are more popular today, and hence, the name Classical Education.

The whole learning process happens with the help of words, which is through speaking and listening. This listening in turn stimulates thinking and the system encourages expressions of these thoughts in its last stage, the rhetoric stage. This helps in building good communication and analytical skills in children.

Now that you know much more about the Classical education, also called as the Trivium, it is time to make decisions empowered with information.

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